The number of apps available on the Google play store surpasses 3 million. Since the Android market is growing rapidly and the maximum share of the apps on Google play store is free, people are not willing to pay for the paid content on Google Play store.  

To make it beneficial for users, Google has offered Google play gift cards. Google Play redeem code hack facilitates user to earn money and make a purchase on the play store.

Where to get Google Play gift cards?

You can purchase Google Play gift cards from various outlets in the country. You can also purchase it online as well. But people are interested in getting free Google Play gift cards instead of paid.

More importantly, getting Google Play gift cards for free is not difficult. You just have to answer few surveys, play games, watch videos, and download apps to get free Google Play gift cards.

One of the best way to earn free Google Play gift cards is Google opinion rewards. This is the official app launched by the Google for its users. What all you need to do is create an account on the app and fill the survey to earn Google Play gift cards.

There are also other websites and apps offering free Google Play gift cards. It is worth to invest time in such survey for earning money.