Business Owner Visas are a handy way for men and women that wish to set up a business or already have an existing company to secure entry into Australia and the progression to permanent residence.  For more details about Australia business & investment visas you can take advice from our visa experts.

Business Owner Visa Tips and Tricks

To be able to apply for a business owner visa, the right form to submit is your 47BU and 1217 followed with a first installment fee of $1145 to the Australian Government and then another installment of $2860 that is to be paid in the event the applicant can't demonstrate functional English.

So as to obtain the company owner visa, you want to have a provisional business skills visa.

However, it's also possible for individuals on temporary refugee or protection visas to acquire this sort of visa on certain problems. The first step is to create a valid application at one of the departmental business centers in Australia but not in immigration clearance. The secondary applicants don't have to be in Australia.

There are several criteria which will need to be fulfilled in order for the program to be successful. At the time of this application, the applicant should have or have had an ownership interest in one or more actively operating main businesses in Australia for at least two years prior to making the application.

 In the time of application, an ABN must have been obtained from the ATO and all appropriate BAS files must have been submitted to the ATO.

The resources held by the applicant at the company have to be valued at least AUD$100,000 and the yearly turnover of the company must be at least AUD $300,000.