There are different types of beef cuts and each of them is used for cooking different dishes. Some cuts are good for grilling, while others are good for making curry or barbecue. Following are 5 beef cuts that are commonly used:

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This cut consists of rough, textured muscle meat so it takes more time to cook perfectly. The good thing about this cut is it is full of flavour and is therefore perfect for making delicious barbecue, stews and curries.

Short Ribs

This is another cut that is commonly used for braising, stewing, grilling and making barbecues. This meat should be cooked on low flame for best results as it has several layers of meat and bones. 

Shoulder Blade

This cut is also called Barbecue steak. Shoulder blade meat has a huge amount of connective tissue along with collagen which melts as the meat cooks. This piece is considered best for slow cooking like pot roasts and stews.

Chuck Rib

Chuck rib is another commonly used cut of beef because it has a lot of flavour. This cut is relatively rough and fatty but is perfect for making braises and stews.

Oyster Blade

This cut of meat is also from the shoulder blade of the animal. It contains a lot of connective tissue and fat that makes it perfect for meat marbling. This cut is also used for making flat iron steak because this piece is full of flavour.

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