The smoothie maker is very useful home appliance because you can prepare great smoothies with it just in few minutes. Some people also use other ordinary home appliance to prepare smoothies but you should know that they are not designed to handle a wide range of ingredients. On the other hand, smoothie makers can make this work very easy.

Usually, it is seen the children try to avoid the breakfast and they don’t like the taste of healthy things which we give them. So you can easily prepare a good breakfast for them with the help of a smoothie. You must know the fact that smoothies can be a great breakfast for your child. Smoothies are also meant with the combination of fruits and vegetables thus your child will be getting all the desired amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Recipe to prepare a papaya smoothie

There are many Vitamins and other minerals available in the papaya. Thus it is very beneficial for children and you can easily use it in the smoothie.

What to include?

–    One papaya, peeled and diced properly

–    One cup of low-fat yogurt

–    Half cup pineapple chunks

–    One teaspoon coconut extract

–    One teaspoon flax seed

–    Crushed ice

How to proceed?

You should only use the fresh and pure ingredient to prepare the smoothie. Take the peeled papaya and put this in the smoothie maker to blend well. Now you can put reset on the ingredient and start blending again. In order to have the best taste and texture, you should use only a quality smoothie maker for this task. You should also make sure that everything is blended well.

There are some jars which can be used for drinking smoothie directly. You should buy a smoothie maker which is coming with such jars in order to make the serving process quick.