For informal shopping – getting the one-off deal here and there – where do you usually go on Internet? Most would say they went to Craigslist or eBay. For some regular shopping, most would prefer somewhere like Amazon. That’s the trouble with familiarity:  you never want to leave it and try something new. And new is what the Internet is very good at giving us plenty of. Push yourself to step out of the tried and tested and try some of the best shopping sites out there – you’ll be glad you did. One of my favorite local deal sites is Spree Book  because not only do you get lots of great savings but you are also helping fund charities at the same time, so everyone wins.

You love eBay, right? What’s not to like – you get practically everything there is out there and you get it on the cheap. But to those who look at it with eyes of innovation, eBay is a downright ugly, old-fashioned, inconvenient and expensive. Which is why you have Glyde, a venture started by a former eBay biggie. Simplicity and ease-of-use is what this website is all about.

Remember how in Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, when those young kids want something someone else has, they buy it in a strange kind of currency – a dead rat, a broken top, bits of colored glass? Well, you’ll find a something like this on the website Fiverr. This is where people with the strangest services or things to offer, come and post them, asking for five dollars for their trouble. And Etsy is a wonderful place to go to for the arts and crafts that the most skilled hands in America make. The Internet is great at bringing you the best shopping sites for unconventional shopping interests.

What else is the Internet great at? At bringing you the low prices, of course. Try Jasmere or, if you are a gamer, try a website called Dawdle. At Dawdle, you can pretty much buy any gaming-related thing you could ask for – from vintage gaming consoles to games for modern ones. If you’re looking for games for your old Atari computer or the Sega Genesis, this is the place you head to. Jasmere pushes items by new, (but good) makers and of products of all kinds. It’s a kind of group buying website. The more people sign up for a particular product, the lower the price goes. It’s one of the best shopping sites ever.

More people would buy used cars, and gladly so, if they could only skip the used car dealer. Used car dealerships routinely rank as one of the most hated businesses in the country. Try FSBOCarsales on the other hand, and you have a place where they sell used cars where they cut the middleman out altogether.

Finally, we have two offerings by to online shopping majors – Amazon and eBay. Amazon has a place called CreateSpace where you can go to buy stuff that people have made on their own. And Half by eBay is for used stuff.