In order to make your custom lanyard successful, you need to make sure it truly represents your business and products. There are a lot of things you need to consider when customizing lanyard; whether you should use a tagline or logo, which type of printing you should go for, which colours to use and so on. Following are a few tips that can help in designing customized lanyard:


1. Printing On Lanyard

Deciding what you should get printed on lanyard can be a difficult choice for the business owner. Most business owners either get a logo or tagline printed on official lanyards. If the tagline of your business is very long it is better to go with the logo as most people do not bother to read big taglines.

2. Fabric For Lanyard

When getting a customized lanyard, it is advisable to select a good quality fabric or material. Also, make sure that it is comfortable to wear for long periods so that employees and customers can easily wear it without feeling itchy or uncomfortable.

3. Colour Of The Lanyard

When getting a customized lanyard, it is preferable to select colours that represent your company and business. Also, make sure that the base colour contrasts with the colour of logo or tagline. If you use similar colours, the text will not be prominent. Most people go with colour combinations like blue and black, yellow and purple and so on. This way not only the text is readable but gives a nice look to promotional lanyards.

A lanyard is incomplete without an attachment so select one that is simpler to open and close so that you can easily use it.