Chilies are generously and religiously used in Thai food. As you may or may not be aware, Thai food endeavors to create all types of flavors such as sweet, spicy, sour and sweet. The spicy kick that you experience while consuming Thai cuisine is mostly derived from the abundant use of chilies. In Thailand, chilies are consumed in almost every form, be it fresh, dried, cooked or even fried. If you ever wonder where Thai food gets its special and unique spicy flavor, read on to find out more about the types of chilies used in Thai cuisine:

Courtesy: The Spruce

1. Prik Ban Chang

This is a rare and difficult to find kind of chili in Thailand.  It commonly is found in varieties of green and red. This is a long shaped pickle with a smooth outer cover. It is usually used in Thai pastes and curries; it is less known for heat and more for its flesh and few seeds.

2. Prik Mun

This particular kind of chili has very shiny outer cover. It is almost oily due to its extreme shine. They are perfect to use in pickled sauces and jams. Mostly, they are found in shades or dark green and red. 

When literally translated ”PRIK” means chili in Thai. Many commonly used chilies in Thai food are grown elsewhere and not actually in Thailand. Thus, if you go out to some of the best Thai restaurant in Melbourne CBD, you will find the chefs using some of these exotic and unique chilies.